Reactions to Knitting

The Love Knitting Blog  posted a funny article about others reactions to knitting. As someone who knits in public often, I have heard almost all of them. One that I feel should be added to this list is: “Omg! How long does that take you?!?” I get it people are curious. At this point these reactions don’t phase me. Often times I suggest that they take a stab at it. 😉

What are some of your favorite reactions to your knitting?

Purple Stripe Delight

Purple Strip Delight

Someone at work asked me to make a blanket for her out of shades of Lilac. Here is the almost finished project. The yarn selections include Caron’s Pound of Love in Lilac and Bernat’s Softee Baby in Soft Lilac. Overall, I think the blanket came together nicely. A few tension mistakes are making me a little nuts, but then again I always look at my knitting projects super critically.