WIP Wednesday 

Trying to complete my paperwork, but the temptations are too great 😩😬😳

Distraction Knitting

I have been steadily working on my Rosina sweater, which is quite the slow burning project. Working a large piece, on size US 2 needles, with fingering weight yarn will keep you occupied for a looooooong while. Yesterday, I woke up and decided I needed a diversion. Something quick, easy, and mindless. A quick search though my yarn stash and…

By the end of the evening, I had completely finished the hat. Talk about instant gratification! I like to be a monogamous knitter, but sometimes you have to mix it up. 

The baby hat is a simple beanie using Paton’s Classic Wool. It began with 72 stitches worked in a 2×2 rib. I had some cream colored wool scraps so I added a simple band of color work (just alternating the blue and cream). The height of the finished hat is ~6 inches, which is perfect for a newborn. 

Three of my friends current have buns in the oven so this project wasn’t completely random. I still have some yarn left over. I am thinking a little pair of booties would help make it a nice set. 

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WIP Wednesday

Generally, I am a monogamous knitter but lately my attention has been all over the place.

My Rainbow Dovetail Scarf is in hibernation as I ran out of yarn.☹️️

A couple of weeks ago I broke into my newer yarn and began My Favorite Cardigan. This is a really enjoyable knit. I am enamored by the color, the plushiness of the yarn, and the pattern. It is pretty perfect TV knitting. I just got past the sleeve divide and now am working the body.

I am also currently blocking a ton of hats. On Sunday, I am participating in an Artisan Fair at my husband’s school. I made about 35 hats and headbands  as well as 8 scarves for the event. The hats are taking forever to dry as it has been rather cloudy and chilly here in San Francisco. Hopefully everything is ready for Sunday.

Until Next Time