Playing With Beads

It is Friday so I should have a finished object right? Well I do! It isn’t fiber related, but still wearable and cute. 😉

 I had a bunch of old and/or broken jewlery lying around that was dying to be re-purposed.   Some clear fishing line, patience, and a hour later and PRESTO!  I couldn’t get any good photos wearing it,  but I can’t wait to rock it this weekend. Happy Friday!

Easy Halloween Decoration

IMG_4263.JPGCheck out my Snapguide to make this easy Tin Can Black Cat to get you in the Halloween spirit.

Level: Easy (children may need assistance as hot glue is involved)

Materials: black paint, foam shapes, pipe cleaner, hot glue gun, tin can, sharpie.

Time: 35 minutes (accounting for paint drying time)



I was feeling crafty yesterday afternoon. I upcycled an old necklace and made it into:

Ocean Stones Keepsake Box

Materials: Glass Beads, jewelry pliers, hot glue gun or super glue, wooden box, acrylic paint, paintbrush, and packing tape

1) Separate the beads from metal clasps using the jewelry pliers.

2) Shine the beads if needed. Lay out the beads in desired pattern on top of the box.
3) Glue the beads to the top of the box using a hot glue gun or superglue. Allow to dry.


4) Take the packing tape and cover the beads to prevent paint stains.
5) Select a paint color and paint the box with your desired design.

6) Let box dry. Apply second coat of paint if needed.

*Tip: Super glue held the stones (especially the round beads) onto the wood a little better than the hot glue. I tried to use a combo of the both.

Happy Crafting!