City Girl in the Country

Spring Break is finally here are I am so excited!!! I don’t have any Caribbean beach plans, but it is always nice to be relaxing on a “workday.” This past weekend, we were in the Sierra Foothills celebrating Easter with my future in-laws. We stayed on my future aunt-in-law’s ranch, which is always fun to visit. The best part of our visit was seeing the new animals (a calf and a piglet).  I LOVED the piglet. It was so tiny and cute. The poor thing was shivering so much I wanted to whip him up a teeny tiny sweater. However, this is against farm rules… pigs are food not pets :(. Overall, the weekend was very nice. Along with some wine tasting and antique shopping, it was great to spend time with family. Keep checking back for more of my Spring Break fun!

The Land of Ladybugs

Warm sun and clear skies was the forecast for this past weekend. So FH (future husband), myself, and two friends headed south to the San Bruno Mountains for a hike. In addition to our great views, we also encountered what felt like millions of lady bugs!  Since ladybugs are lucky, I hope good fortune is headed my way ;). Overall, we made it 8.5 miles round trip. My feet were killing, but it was all worth it. Nothing like getting to enjoy a little nature.

What did you get to do this weekend?

Follow the Yellow Line

Use Caution! Slippery When Wet!
Boy they weren’t lying! The boyfriend and I decided to make a stop in Atlanta before heading back to San Francisco. I lived in the metro area many years ago, so it is nice to come back and visit. We (along with my sister and her bf) headed to Stone Mountain Park late in afternoon. The park is really pretty and has a vast number of activities to do, such as play in fake snow and ride a sky tram. We only hiked up the Walk up Trail to take in the view. Essentially, you are walking on smooth rock the whole time. Since it was raining the night before, there was water running off everywhere.

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/4d1/50267138/files/2014/12/img_4913.jpg This made for interesting walking conditions. The trail isn’t that long (2.5 miles round trip?), however, we had to walk super slow due to slick conditions.


Despite our caution, 3 out of 4 of us ended up on our butts at some point😳. However, we made it to the top. Cue victory music!





Happy Monday everyone!

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Ours was fun filled!

It was Fleet Week in San Francisco. Think  sailors, tanks, and lots of airplanes. We took in the Blue Angels  airshow where the fighter jet pilots performed amazing stunts.  I don’t know how these pilots do it. I certainly do not have the guts to aim a vehicle straight for the ground going 200+ miles per hours while spinning! I knew they had done these stunts a 100 times, however, I still felt super nervous something was going to go wrong.

On Sunday a group of us headed to Sonoma to do some wine tasting. The weather and scenery were gorgeous. We visited Cline Cellars, Jaccuzi Winery, and Mayo Family Winery. Cline Cellars continues to be one of my favorites. The staff are friendly, the grounds are beautiful, and the wine is superb. If you go try the Ancient Vines wine :).

Since we were having so much fun a very tiny amount of crafting occurred. Hopefully I will get some knitting done this week. Enjoy your day!


Yarn Shopping: Taos, New Mexico

Here are some pics from my day in Taos, New Mexico. I visited 2 knitting shops Moxie Yarn and More and MoonCat Fibers. Both great shops. I bought this beautiful rainbow merino/nylon mix from Prime Yarns at Mooncat Fibers. It is hand dyed and comes with a cute quote on the inside of the label . Too bad I was dumb and made a huge mess of rolling the ball up. Kicking myself right now as I have in 2/3 untangled and that alone took me 3 hours. Ugh!



We also got to head to the Taos Pueblos, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. The native peoples still live in adobe houses with no electricity or running water. The village was quite peaceful.






Good bye Taos and hello Santa Fe ☺️

Grand Canyon

*this post has been amended.

There are no words for the beauty I saw today. The Grand Canyon has been on my list of places I need to get to. Believe me it is a must see! The size, the bends and folds in the rocks seemed unreal. I was really inspired by the purples, red, and oranges of the rocks. We did a short 3 mile hike on Bright Angel Trail. It took us longer than expected as the trail was quite icy. We also walked about a mile on the Rim Trail, which gave the best views into the Canyon. Both the boyfriend and I agreed we have to return to hike along the canyon floor. Next stop Taos, NM!










On the Road

I convinced my boyfriend that we should take a road trip over our holiday break. We decided on the Grand Canyon and Northern New Mexico. The Grand Canyon has been on my list of places to get to in the USA for awhile.  So 12 hours later we made it to Flagstaff, AZ! The drive was really not that bad. There was lots of interesting scenery to admire. I also passed the time with my new Christmas toy! Santa brought me a Wonder Knitter. I wanted to make some projects with i-cord and this is a simple little tool to help the job along. The tool is easy to use, but the tension is a little loose. Look forward to future posts of my completed projects 🙂 Next stop…Grand Canyon!

Image  IMG_0121  IMG_0122


Hills in Southern California

Hills in Southern California


The highway never ends!

More Hills!

More Hills!