More Magpie Fiber Knits

The two skeins of Magpie Fiber yarn I bought this past summer are really going the distance. In addition to the Pivot Cowl, I also got a hat and mittens out of the deal! 🙌🏾

The beanie is the Barley Hat by Tin Can Knits. I used “Frankie Says Relax” for the whole hat. This hat was a pretty quick knit and it really let the yarn shine. I also like that this hat is slouchy. My hair takes up a lot of room and it definitely all fits in this hat. img_6726

The third project out of my Magpie Fiber yarn was a process knit project. I made some simple mittens. I casted on and let the design unfold. The main portion of the mitts uses “Jaded” by Magpie Fiber. I decided to include a garter stitch panel to keep all of the pieces connected by a textural element as well as color.

Believe it or not this is my first matching set of winter accessories. I won’t be able to wear them much here in Guangzhou. But, I have two winter weather vacations coming up. 🤗 I look forward to taking pics in my new knitwear on the Great Wall of China and in the snowy mountains of Japan real soon!

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Mini Flax Sweaters

The babies are coming! The babies are coming! Well that is at least what I have been chanting in my head. May I present my latest baby gifts…

Mini Flax Sweaters by Tin Can Knits. Tin Can Knits does a lovely job with creating everyday basics for the whole family. The tan sweater is sized 0-6mos and the red one is 6-12mos. I really love this pattern as it is free, well written, and has so much potential for variations. 

I used Patons Classic Wool Worsted for both sweaters. I made no modifications except using an alternative color on the neck, cuffs, and bottom edge of the tan sweater. I will say I had a little trouble with keeping the stitches even as I picked up additional stitches at the underarms. However, I went back and did some tightening up of the stitches with a tapestry needle and spare yarn.If you are in need of a quick and easy pattern, I highly recommend the Flax Sweater. Did I mention that they have a lightweight version too?  

The babies aren’t due till spring, but I am glad I can check these gifts off the list.

What is your go-to baby sweater pattern?

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Hunter Hat

Here is the newest project off the needles. It is the Hunter Hat from Tin Can Knits. I rediscovered my copy of 9 Months of Knitting  while cleaning up the house and decided to give the pattern a try.

I am happy to report the Hunter Hat was a pleasure to make. I made the adult size using Paton’s Classic Wool in Jade Heather. The pattern was great, and I enjoyed the varying cable sequence. Really easy to read and memorize. I have to say I am a tight cable maker so the hat did come our a little snug. I am thinking some aggressive blocking will get me a bit more room. As of right now it is great for an older child/adolescent. IMG_9844[1]
I was really feelin’ the yarn. I loved the semi-solid color mix or greens with a hint of blue. Also the stitch definition was awesome. It made my cables really pop. This yarn was pretty affordable too for  100% wool. I found it at Michael’s for ~$5. Don’t let the price make you think it is a rough to work with; it is pretty soft on the skin.  Could this be my new go-to budget yarn? Stay tuned as I bought 2 more skeins of the same yarn. (fingers crossed all goes well)

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A Day of L❤️VE

I hope all of my US readers had a lovely Valentine’s Day. In our household, we are not into the commercial side of Valentine’s Day. We usually exchange small gifts and then plan a fun activity to enjoy together. This year I made my fiancé the Antler Hat by Tin Can Knits. This hat is from their Pacific Knits Collection. 


 This was a great knit. The pattern is free and it comes in sizing from kids to adults. I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Charcol Grey. I did not make as many cables as the pattern called for ( I only made 7 before decreasing) as my fiancé doesn’t like the brim folded up. I got a “Wow!” with an overjoyed look. I think I did well 😉. This hat is well timed as he is headed on a week- long ski trip tomorrow.

Later in the day, we went on a 7 mile hike in Marin County, California.  We started at Stinson Beach and headed up the mountain on Matt Davis Trail. I appreciated the switchbacks on the trail as we accented 2153 ft above sea level. Switchbacks make hiking soooo much easier. The views of the Pacific Ocean were great.

We then headed down the mountain on Steep Ravine Trail and later cut over to Dipsea Trail to take us back to the beach. Steep Ravine Trail was the best section of the hike. Imagine being in a wooded wonderland covered in ferns, Redwoods, and huge boulders surrounding you on all sides. It was beautiful. 

     At the end of the trek, we headed to the beach for a few minutes. It was super crowded so we didn’t stay long. Who knew Valentine’s Day was also unofficial go to the beach day? 

   Hiking, beach time, and amazing company are some of the best ingredients for a day of love! 

And Another One

The latest off my US size 8s is… 

I used the remaining Cascade 220 Sport from my On the Beach sweater ( I swear there will be some photos of it soon).  I casted on 80 stitches and made a 2×2 rib. After that, I then just made up the pattern. Basically it is a single stitch alternating color pattern. The sizing came out a little small so this is defiantly a kid/ teen hat. 

As I finished the above,  I casted on the  Antler Hat by Tin Can Knits. Someone in my house is expecting a handmade gift for Valentine’s Day ❤️.

Finished Objects!

Happy Monday all! I hope your weekend was wonderful. I finally got to show off my Flaxsweater from Tin Can Knits. I am so happy with how it came out I might make another one! Photos were taken in front of the Martin Luther King Fountain in Yerba Buena Gardens in Downtown San Francisco


I also finished a beanie made with some acrylic extras. My friend is a big San Francisco Giants fan (hence the Halloween looking colors) and needed a hat to keep her warm during chilly games.


Too bad my measurements were off and the hat is a little too short. So much for eyeballing it 😒

What did you work on this weekend?

Sweater Progress

Yay my Flax sweater from Tin Can Knits is coming along well! I have the body done as well as the majority of one sleeve. One mistake I made was not buying and extra skein of the main color (Rowan Softknit Cotton in Sand-571). I am pretty sure I will run out of yarn. 😦 This is always the worst. I just want to finish my project and stare with amazement at my work. But no! I will now have to let it sit in my work bag until my new yarn comes in via the mail. Did I mention that my LYS has every other color except the ones I am working with? Ugh… Well I guess I have to start a new project in the meantime. Any suggestions?