Busy Fingers

Ahhh it is summer break. This year, work has been challenging as well as rewarding .  I made it and it feels so good! Since last week, I have mainly stayed indoors and caught up on some relaxation. During this hibernation, I finished several projects as well as cleaned a closet and made some gluten- free cookies (yum!)

I finally finished and blocked my Summer Lattice Top by Purl Bee Soho.  It came out lovely. Originally, I was wanting to work with a yellow and a teal Pima Cotton. Yet, at the last minute I went to my LYS and bought a light grey instead.  I feel the color combo suits my wardrobe a lot better.

Why did I love making this project?

1)I loved the yarn I was using ( Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton).  It was soft between my fingers and had the right amount of sheen. It also was not a tangly mess when I needed to do some frogging.

2) I loved the construction pattern. I was fun to make something that started at the bottom back edge, went over the shoulders, and down the front. For someone who is not the typical size it made it easier to check if I had the proper fit. It should be noted that there are directions for knitting it in the round if you are not one for seams.

3) This project is the perfect TV/ movie project. Most of it is stockinette stitch so I could look away from my hands a lot more.

The only thing I would change would be the length of lattice work in the front. The open lattice falls below the top of my bra, therefore, I will need to wear a tank top underneath. I probably should have read others comments on Ravelry more closely as it looks like others have adjusted the pattern so that the lattice work does not end so low on the bust line.

In other news, I dusted off my baking pans this weekend and made some gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. I love cookies and the craving finally overcame my will power. I am not a baker so creating them from scratch was not my number one choice. However, thank goodness for  Whole Foods. I tried Pamela’s Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix. What a great choice.  They were delicious and affordable ($5.00 ish)!!! I had a friend try them and both of us didn’t notice the lack of wheat. So if you are gluten-free, I recommend you give Pamela’s Cookie Mixes a try.

New Project!

Well my Flax sweater is almost done. So I have started to look for a new project. After much time on Ravelry, I decided on the Cap Sleeve Lattice Top from Purl Bee. I think it will make a cute summer top.

As for the yarn, I purchased Cascade Ultra Pima Fine in yellow and teal from WEBS online. I always get wary about online yarn shopping. First off the colors tend to look different when you get them and secondly you miss out on the sensory experience of purchasing yarn. I mean who doesn’t love caressing yarn? However, I wanted to try some new brands of yarn and my LYS doesn’t carry ultra fine Pima cotton.


Two days ago I got my yarn. I am not sure about the colors though . The texture is wonderful and soft, but I don’t know about the colors. The teal is a little dark and the yellow is a little light. I am deciding to mull over it for a few days before I exchanged it.

What do you think? Will it work?