FO: Chunky Grey Cardigan

Remember that project I just couldn’t put down? Well it is done! What was I creating you might ask? A chunky cardigan! Lately, I have been in the sweater mood and this project was instant gratification (It took me 2 weeks to create!).

It all started when I saw these on Pinterest…


I loved the texture of the grey shrug (Moss Stitch). It was simple, yet added a dimension of complexity to the garment. The orange cardigan had the length I wanted for the sleeves and torso sections. Since I wanted to combine elements from both sweaters, I embarked on making a sweater from scratch. I am by no means at the level of creating my own sweater patterns so there was a lot of research as well as trial and error during the knitting process. My swatch and tape measure became my best friends.

I had concerns about how this all would turn out, so I decided to select an economical yarn. I used Hometown USA yarn in Dallas Grey from Lion Brand Yarn. This yarn is quite soft and was only $7.00 a skein. It defiantly withstood multiple froggings, which was a good thing in this case. I highly recommend it for bulky items such as scarves or blankets. It makes for a quick knit and it is machine washable.

Well here it is! My Karl Cardigan. I named it Karl after the gloomy fog that frequently visits San Francisco. It is perfect for those slightly chilly fall days. I picture myself throwing it on to run errands, go out to brunch, or even wearing it on a casual date night.




Until Next Time,


New Project: Socks!

I have a week and a half left till it is time to report to work. As much as I love having the time off, I get a little stir crazy after about 3 days. I decided that a challenging, yet quick(er) knitting project was in order. Immediately socks came to mind.  I chose the pattern Warm up Socks from the book The Joy of Sox by Linda Kopp. The lacy pattern as well as dainty cable really caught my eye.

I slightly modified the pattern as my foot is really small (US size 5). I decreased the number of circumference stitches as well as the length of the sock. The trickiest part so far has been the  heel shaping. It uses short rows, which are great, but the directions are a little wordy. I definitely had to read them over a couple of times to make sure I was on the right track.

The yarn was purchased on my trip to New York City at Purl Bee.  I follow their Instagram feed and love the free patterns on their website. Therefore, visiting the shop was a real treat. The shop itself is quite cute and the staff was very friendly. I controlled myself greatly as there was a beautiful selection of yarn. My final selection was a skein of Anzula Squishy in Chiva. It is a mix of Superwash Merino (80%), Cashmere (10%), and Nylon (10%). This yarn is great!  Very soft, beautiful color depth, and is quite durable ( tested several times after many pattern errors 😦 ).

Keep checking back for progress!





Project Finished!

Well I finally reached the peak of the mountain. After about 2.5 months, I have completed the Dogwood Blanket from Tin Can Knits pattern found in 9 Months of Knitting. It was a hard project for me as you saw in my previous blog posting (see link below), but I did it! I think it came out looking pretty good. I will defiantly keep my new little cousin warm.

Things I would change if I ever made this again:

1) I would block each piece as I go. I only blocked the first square to make sure it came out as a square and that I didn’t bind off too tight.  The white square was knit with a little tighter of a gauge so I had to really stretch it when blocking for sewing.

2) Possibly crochet the edges to make it a uniform square. As you can see some of the outer edges are wavy looking.

3) Pick bolder colors. I really like the blanket being different colors and wish I had picked some crazier colors.