Honeymoon Socks

I decided to work on a gift for my new husband during our honeymoon. A sweater was out of the questions as he is 5’10” and that project would have been a pain to cart from place to place. I needed something super portable and easy to pack. So the winner was socks!

My husband likes really plain and simple clothing…think stripes and solids. Much to my delight I found Paton’s Kroy Sock Yarn (self-striping!) at my local yarn store. The yarn is a washable wool/nylon blend called Blue Striped Ragg. The yarn label states it is Super Fine (1), yet it recommends you use a US size 3 (3.25 mm) needle. I knitted a swatch with US 1’s  and it felt a tiny bit dense, but not impossible to work with.

As for the pattern, I used a basic sock blueprint and embellished the heel flap. I start at the cuff, progressed downward, and then use the Kitchener’s stitch to bind off.  I casted on 69 stitches and knit in a 2 X 1 rib pattern for the cuff. The heel flap is based on a mock rib stitch (slipping stitches rather than purling to create a ribbing like affect). Then I worked in stockinette stitch for the foot.

I was a little bummed about the toe. It came out really boxy. I don’t know what went wrong. Since I was finishing the socks not near reliable internet (hence I couldn’t Google it) I just did the best I could. My husband didn’t seem to mind and the average person can’t really tell… Or at least that is what I keep telling myself.

I ended up using 1.5 skeins of yarn to make these socks. I started off with an identical pair, but something went awry.  By the time I figured it out I was too far into sock #2. I was just too lazy to rip them back so fraternal twins it was.

All and all the hubby is happy and that is all that matters. He likes them so much he is already asking for another pair. I better get knitting. ❤️


Finished Object Friday: Chunky Plum Cowl

I am changing it up in 2015. From now on I will try to alternate between Friday Funnies and Finished Object (FO) Fridays. It has been tricky for me to keep up with pictures of my knitting. I frequently leave home for work in the dark and then come home to the dark :(. No natural light = crummy pictures.

On a trip to Michael’s, I stumbled upon a new yarn called Paton’s Cobbles Yarn. As per the website,  Patons Cobbles is a  refined “linked” roving yarn that creates a thick-and-thin textured fabric.  When I saw it my thoughts were, ” OOOOOOO that looks fun!” Finding out it was on sale ($6.99 woot woot!), I tossed a couple skeins in my basket.

I had no particular project in mind therefore, I played with a couple of different textures. Due to the yarn already being textures, a simple stitches made it shine the best. Cobbles is a wool/acrylic blend so it is warm, washable, and soft to the touch. The yarn withstood a couple of froggings, which is good if you are a beginner. I ended up using about a skien and a half to knit the cowl on US size 15 needles (circular). The pattern is a simple horizontal ribbing (4 rows knit and 4 rows purl). The whole project took about 2 nights on the couch to complete. Yay bulky yarn!


Patons Cobbles in Frosted Plum

My cowl came out great! I made it really tall to keep me extra warm. I finished this  before Christmas as I thought I would need it for my trip to the East Coast. That darn news had be thinking I was going to be walking into a blizzard.

Guess my geography was a little off as it probably got no lower than 45 or 50 degrees. Oh well… into the bin on knitted items it goes. Maybe this winter I will suck it up and voluntarily venture to a really cold place like Lake Tahoe.


Is going on vacation just so you can wear your knitwear strange?