Head Gear

Most mornings I wake up and say, “How am I gonna control this mane?” I will admit it: I am a lazy when it comes to my hair. I like it as low maintenance as possible. Enter the headband. This one little accessory changed my life about 2.5 years ago. I ❤️ a good headband. They have the ability to jazz up an outfit, contain your mane on a bad hair day, and they can be worn no matter if you are bald or have hair down to the floor. I frequently add to my stash (knitted or not) as I pretty much wear them on a daily basis. Here are the latest ones off my needles.

IMG_5735[1]Cotton Flower Headband made with garter stitch band  and crochet flower. Okay so not for me, but why not start the love early? I made of a bunch of these last year. These are a great spring gift for little girls.

These headbands were inspired by the Hot Mess Headband by Heather Walpole. I choose to use fingering weight yarn (both wool blends) and size 3 needles. For the Rainbow headband,  I added one  more cable to give it a different look. 

 Headbands are a great stash buster and/ or last minute project. Itching to create your own headbands?  Check out my Golden Bow Headband and Headband/Wrap Bracelet  (free patterns) for more inspiration.


Afros and Hats

For about 20+ years I chemically straightened my hair. However, when I move to San Francisco, the cost and the fog made me think twice about keeping up this habit. So about 2 years ago I embarked on the journey of transitioning from chemically treated hair to natural hair. I have to say I am really happy I made that decision. I love having the option of big curly wild hair or straight hair. I will admit I am not a “hair person.” I love my hair to be as low maintenance as possible while still looking cute (is this a contradiction?) Therefore, I generally wear some form of Afro.


However, wearing my curly hair presents a problem when it comes to hats. The hats often end up squishing my hair down, and I get a serious case of “hat head.” Initially, I was quite saddened by this, as I really enjoy a great knit hat. I switched over to making more headbands and wraps, but I longed for a good hat. Especially on bad hair days.


After a little research I discovered that Tams/Berets were what I needed more of in my life. They have all the appeal of a hat, but they are slouchy enough to accommodate my curls. Tams/ Berets tend not to cover your whole head, which alleviates total hair compression. I have made one Tam so far:


Nine Dwindling Cables Tam  

This winter I am going to try and expand my hat selection. I am thinking one of these is next:

Veranda Tam by Kirsten Hipsky

Cafe au Lait Tam by Kathryn C

Selbu Modern By Kate Gagnon Osborn

Anyone else have a large hair + hat problem? What’s your favorite hat design/style to make?

I Heart Bows!

I recently switched to a short natural ‘do and hair accessories have become my best friend. I whipped up this floppy bow headband and I’m really loving it.


This is a quick project (2-3 hours) for children through adults. Sizing can be altered by knitting fewer inches starting after row 24.

Cast on 24 sts. Knit 4 rows in garter stitch.
Row 5 and all odd rows: Purl all sts
Row 6,8,10,12: Knit all sts
Row 14: K1, K2tog, knit to last 3 sts, K2tog, K1.
Row 16,18,20,22: Complete the same as row 14.
Row 24: Knit all 14 sts.
Work in stockinette for 21 inches or desired length.
Shaping the right bow: (you will be increasing)
Right side rows: K1, inc 1 in next stitch,knit to the last 2 sts, inc 1 in next stitch, K1. (Total: 16 sts on needle)
Wrong side rows: Purl all sts.
Repeat 5 times. You should end up with 24 sts.
Once increases are completed knit 5 rows in stockinette. Then knit 5 rows in garter stitch.
Bind off 24 sts. Sew in ends using a tapestry needle.


gold bow