Busier that a Beaver

Between traveling for Thanksgiving, report cards, parent/ teacher conferences, and household duties I have been busy, busy, busy. I swear the time between my birthday and New Year’s feels like a whirlwind. Thankfully, I have made time to complete some knitting projects. It is the only thing that is keeping me sane. As of right now there are 4 projects currently being blocked. Thank goodness my boyfriend accepts my excessive knitting because the living room is beginning to be overtaken my my crafting.



First, I finished my #nakniswemo2014 project. Well I should say almost finished. I am still scouting out for the perfect buttons. I would have been finished earlier except I had some issues.

The first issue was that I did not think ahead when I decided to lengthen the sweater.  So when I tried it on before working the sleeves I felt like such a dummy. The lower section did not fit across my middle…I forgot to add stitches to account for the larger part of my torso! I ended  up frogging about 3″ back :(. My second issue was that I wanted to make the button bands thicker, however, instead of doing it correctly (measuring and accounting for additional rows) I was lazy and eyeballed it. Guess what happened to the button band? If you said “She had to frog it,” you are the lucky winner!!! All in all I now have a sweater that fits the way I want it to. Morale of the story: Think out the pattern thoroughly before you jump into it.

I finished my Prismatic Scarf awhile ago. However, I am just now getting around to blocking it. I decided to use a neutral color rather than a variegated yarn as I made this for someone in a secret craft swap for Makers for Makers (see group on Ravelry).  I also crocheted a single chain around the edge to jazz it up a bit. The yarn is Rowan’s SoftKnit Cotton that I used for my Flax sweater. I really liked this pattern and will probably make another using variegated yarn for myself. I knitted the piece to a short cowl length and then sewed the seam.  I am sure you can make it in the round as well, but I was feeling like knitting in short rows at the time.


Sorry for the short and hurried post. I have more work to do and projects to make! I promise I will post more projects soon! Happy Knitting!

NaKniSweMo 2014: Update

I have been kind of slacking off on posting pictures of my progress for #NaKniSweMo2014. Since it has been getting darker earlier at night it is hard to snap flattering pics of my progress. Today one of my clients cancelled so I attempted to take some quick pics before my next client.

So far I have gotten some good progress. I finished the body of the sweater and have moved on to the right sleeve. I have to say this is a great knit for when you have to pay attention to other things such as lectures or awesome TV shows (Scandal anyone?). Most of the sweater is long rows of stockinette stitch, especially when you get to the sleeves. As you can see I am extending the sleeves so that they are not 3/4 like the pattern states. I really love that the author (Andi Sutterland) notes in the pattern where it would be best to make custom touches.

Well I have 10 days left to get 1 1/4 sleeves done and the button bands. Good thing I have all of next week off!



Let the Sweater Making Commence!

I have made the decision to partake in National Knit a Sweater Month (nakniswemo) this year. The pattern has been chosen, the yarn bought, and the skiens rolled! What are the rules you say? Well check them out here on Ravelry. One of the biggest rules is that your sweater must be 50,000 stictches. Nope you didn’t read that wrong. I am pretty sure my chosen sweater (Minette by Andi Sutterland) will make the cut. I should note that I plan on making the sweater an inch or two longer so that it will sit at my hips. I can’t wait to get started, but another rule is the kickoff needs to be November 1st. The anticipation is killing me! I already created a swatch so that I can get right into on Saturday. What yarn you say!? I selected Persimmon, which is a Cascade 220 superwash wool in DK weight. The perfect fall color. Check back for more progress!