Quick Project

Remember that Wonder Knitter I got around holiday time? I am having trouble recalling it too, as I haven’t used it in 3 months :(. Funny how something can seem so great at the moment, yet is forgotten 2 weeks later.

My boyfriend gifted me this cool medallion from his trip to Australia. I really like how it use to be a fork.


When he gave it to me I immediately thought of my Wonder Knitter. I had the perfect reason to use it again! I dug through my stash and decided on a green cotton/ acrylic blend. I also added a decorative button that I had saved from another project a while ago. Well 30 minutes later and Ta-dah!



Easy Weekend Outfit

It was chilly today so I finally got to wear my “moto vest” that I made over a year ago. I don’t know what pattern I used as I lost it when I moved. I also wore my new button charm bracelet.  I joined vintage buttons together with jump rings to create this simple, but cute bracelet. Happy Saturday!