So several weeks back I was asked to participate in another crafting fair. I said yes and have been making hats like crazy ever since. The fair was suppose to be this Saturday, however, I got an email today saying it was cancelled. UGH…


On one hand I am bummed because I put a lot of other projects on hold to work on the hats. In addition, I spent the time and money going out and buying additional yarn ( I am not sure if that is a negative haha).

However, the silver lining is that I now have all of these hats ready ( like 25) and the Christmas season is upon us and…


Wait seriously is this true? Is all of my holiday knitting done only one day into December?!?  Hold the excitement. I almost forgot I have one, I repeat ONE project left. My mother asked me for some hand knitted socks. Thankfully she has small feet like me so they should be relatively quick.

I am still a little bummed about the fair, however, I am going to use my lemons to make the best lemonade I can! Haha

Reactions to Knitting

The Love Knitting Blog  posted a funny article about others reactions to knitting. As someone who knits in public often, I have heard almost all of them. One that I feel should be added to this list is: “Omg! How long does that take you?!?” I get it people are curious. At this point these reactions don’t phase me. Often times I suggest that they take a stab at it. 😉

What are some of your favorite reactions to your knitting?