The Great Dickens Christmas Fair

Enter the world of Charles Dickens and revel in a Victorian London where it’s always Christmas Eve…

Who would say no to that description!? Well this past Sunday I went to Dickens Fair and it was AMAZING! The costumes were colorful, the brandy apple cider was tasty, and I got to eat a delicious meat pie. We didn’t dress up in period garb, but walking through the fair made me wish I did. The props and actors really made you feel as if you were in old London. One of my favorite parts of the fair were all of the performances. There were dances, plays, and singing sailors. Everywhere I turned there was something fun and exciting to see. IMG_4704.JPGIMG_4706.JPG






What things do you like to do to get ready for the Holidays?



I ❤️ Thanksgiving. It combines two of my favorite things: eating and drinking. Since I am not originally from the west coast and neither are a lot of my friends here, we tend not to see each other over the holidays. In order to remedy this, my lovely friend R chose to host Friendsgiving. If you don’t what this is, it is like Thanksgiving, but usually held amongst friends. It is a great way to get a group of people together for a little fun and laughter.

I made a centerpiece for the table.

I defiantly waited till the last minute to make the centerpiece and that was a mistake. I thought Michael’s would have a few fall florals left…WRONG! It was like a Christmas bomb went off in there. As I walked through the aisles I got more and more nervous about not finding anything. Why is it now the trend to have Christmas stuff out in October?!? In any event, I took a deep breath and knew it was a “make it work” moment. I ended up finding glittery leaves and fruit as well as some cranberries. A little creativity and some determination later and my centerpiece was looking good.


Here is the centerpiece in action. My friend made these awesome candles with corn seeds on the bottom. Combined with her beautiful dishes the table was ready for the party!

The evening went so well. R’s turkey was amazing as well as all of the other side dishes. I made an apple pie and yams with marshmallows. I have to say I am beginning to like cooking a lot more, especially when I can cook for others.

Well having Friendsgiving only got me excited about real Thanksgiving. Only 1.5 weeks left till Turkey Day!