They Keep Coming

So many ideas and so few hours to knit! I am continuing to get ready for the Artisian Fair for my fiancé’s school. My focus is on hats that can be unisex as well as appealing to a diverse crowd. I haven’t made many hats recently so I had forgotten how addictive they are.  All I want to do is knit hats!  Here are the latest off my needles:   

  Wool/ Blend from my stash   Caron Simply Soft in Dark Country Blue

Red- Caron 220; Denim Color- Sesia’s River Jeans (cotton)  Caron Simply Soft in Blackberry and Dark Country Blue


Knitting and Football

Football games are a great time to get some knitting in. It just so happens that today my knitting  coordinated with the 49ers’ uniforms.  

 I made the larger piece ( it was supposed to be a sleeveless top) years ago. I never finished it though. I made a bad yarn choice. I used Caron’s Simply Soft and the mix of the acrylic yarn and yarn weight (worsted) didn’t pan out. The piece would have been too thick to wear during the summer.  Don’t get me wrong, it is not that I am an acrylic hater, it is just that acrylic is not a very breathable fabric. So I am making some hats out of it. I am knitting them simultaneously as I unravel the top. The white hat will be an infant hat and the red a lacy slouch cap. 

The 49ers won today and hopefully my hats end up winners too! 


Happy Woolly Hat Day!

The Campaign for Wool has claimed October 9th as Woolly Hat Day. What better way to celebrate than share hats that are in progress?

I am calling this one the Snake Charmer Beanie as the cables look like snakes don’t they? This hat is just a simple 2 stitch cable using a wool/acrylic blend I had in my stash. 

I also started another Café au Lait Tam. This is a project for my Halloween partner (group on Ravelry). The swap includes a package of 4 items (Halloween item, self- made item, knitting related item, and something yummy). The due date is October 15 so I better get cracking on assembling my package! 

Happy Friday!    


3 Hats and a Supermoon

So my fiance works at a small private school. Every year they have a Fall Festival to promote community and raise some money. As part of the fundraising, they have an Artisan Fair which consists of parents and students selling anything from art to soaps to unique clothing. This year, I decided to have a booth at the fair. This will be my first craft fair and I am a little nervous. What if nobody likes my items? What if no one buys anything? What if, what if, what if. These what ifs are part of the reason I have never sold my items at a craft fair in the past. All that self-doubt getting in the way.

images I resolved to kick self-doubt aside and just do it. It was time to be brave! Currently, I have a pretty big FO (finished objects) bin sitting in my closet. In this bin lies random items that have never found a home. I have quite a number of items for women, but none for children and/or men. So I got to knitting and whipped up three new hats for kids.


I haven’t blocked them yet, but they are looking pretty good. I am still contemplating on adding pom poms to the yellow/orange and the teal hats.

In other news, did anyone catch the Supermoon last night? My iPhone was not the best tool to capture this awesome event, but if you squint real hard you can almost see it in the picture.

IMG_7956          IMG_7965

Hope your Monday is off to a great start!

Heading Down a Forgotten Road

Happy Monday all!

I have finally gotten around to taking pictures of my newest beret! The pattern is Selbu Modern by Kate Gagnon Osborn (free pattern on Ravelry!).  It has been a loooooooong time since I have done any strand color work. Lately, I have been seeing tons of color work patterns on blogs and in magazines. Inspired by others, I chose to head down a road that had been a little forgotten.

With any skill, if you don’t practice it frequently it gets rusty. My brain was feeling a little foggy, so I hit the internet to refresh myself on strand color work. I found this great tutorial  on By Gum, By Golly by Tasha. She has done a great job really fleshing out this technique. Tasha highlights two of the main things that cause wonky looking color strand work: carrying the yarn and tension between floats.

For carrying the yarn,  I used Option #2 for holding my yarn (one strand Continental style and one English version). After a little practice, I noticed the two hand method got me across rows a little faster. Yay! However, realized about half way through my work that I was not holding the main color and contrast colors in the correct hands. Therefore, only me and those of you with expert knitting eyes will note my color dominance variation. Not that big of an issue in the long run. I can live with it as the other option would have been to restart the entire pattern.


Tasha also had some great tips on keeping the tension in balance. The tip that resonated with me was no to scrunch up your stitches (something I do all the time) on the working needle. This made a really big difference. My floats were the right amount of loose, which kept the piece from puckering.


from By Gum, By Golly

Well two weeks, several tips, and many glasses of wine later, I finished my Selbu! As you can see I had some tension issues with the contrast color toward the top of the hat. But overall not too shabby.

What were you working on this weekend?

Handmade Hats

I hope that you had a great Christmas holiday. I know I did. Nothing like mom’s cooking, hanging by the fake fire, and watching Christmas movies. This year I gave all the men handmade hats. I tried to match the hats to their personal styles.

Dad got a beanie will call “Stacks.” It is a series of ribbing that changes direction every 10 rows. I made it using an acrylic blend I found in my stash.


Boyfriend was the recipient of a basic stockinette beanie made from another ball I found in my stash (wool/acrylic blend). I think once upon a time I was trying to use the yarn to make a sweater with this yarn.  I had started a back panel, but I abandoned it awhile ago. The boyfriend was very happy, as this is the first hat I have made him.


M (my sister’s boyfriend) is now the proud owner of Graham. I used Lion Brand Heartland in King’s Canyon. I L-O-V-E this pattern. My favorite stitches tend to be simple texture patterns such as Graham’s broken rib. I am already trying to think of a way to incorporate this stitch into a future project (scarf? Pullover sweater?).


Hats are such a quick and satisfying project to make for the holidays. They are super practical and the recipient(s) is/are always so amazed by the love that went into their gift.

What Christmas knits/crochet projects did your family/friends receive this year?

Afros and Hats

For about 20+ years I chemically straightened my hair. However, when I move to San Francisco, the cost and the fog made me think twice about keeping up this habit. So about 2 years ago I embarked on the journey of transitioning from chemically treated hair to natural hair. I have to say I am really happy I made that decision. I love having the option of big curly wild hair or straight hair. I will admit I am not a “hair person.” I love my hair to be as low maintenance as possible while still looking cute (is this a contradiction?) Therefore, I generally wear some form of Afro.


However, wearing my curly hair presents a problem when it comes to hats. The hats often end up squishing my hair down, and I get a serious case of “hat head.” Initially, I was quite saddened by this, as I really enjoy a great knit hat. I switched over to making more headbands and wraps, but I longed for a good hat. Especially on bad hair days.


After a little research I discovered that Tams/Berets were what I needed more of in my life. They have all the appeal of a hat, but they are slouchy enough to accommodate my curls. Tams/ Berets tend not to cover your whole head, which alleviates total hair compression. I have made one Tam so far:


Nine Dwindling Cables Tam  

This winter I am going to try and expand my hat selection. I am thinking one of these is next:

Veranda Tam by Kirsten Hipsky

Cafe au Lait Tam by Kathryn C

Selbu Modern By Kate Gagnon Osborn

Anyone else have a large hair + hat problem? What’s your favorite hat design/style to make?