Shawls and More Shawls

Is it me or are you too feeling like you are being bombarded with shawl patterns? Many sites are featuring quite a number of lacy shawl patterns. I generally don’t pick shawls to make, but some of these patterns are too good not to try. Here are some of my favorites.– (Regenerate) This shawl is gorgeous in purple, but I think it would be stunning in a cream color as well. Bridal Shower gift maybe?


Twisted Collective Spring 2014 (Aello) My mind is conjuring a nice summer evening out with a slight breeze? I am thinking Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket or even Newport…? wallpaper2


Tin Can Knits (Rosebud)- I like that this shawl is light enough for spring/summer and is featured in a bold color.  Additional benefit: This style (triangle shaped) also can double for a scarf as well.




Magic Loop!

I have been meaning to learn the art of the magic loop for quite sometime. A lot of people in my weekly knitting group rave about how it has changed their knitting lives. So a couple of youtube videos later I’m looping!  I have to admit it was a little tricky at first. The tricky part really lies in keeping your stiches all facing the correct way on the first few rows. However, after a few practices I got it down. Here are two vidoes that I used. 1) KNITFreedom- Magic Loop Knitting  and 2) KnitPicks-Magic Loop Knitting Tutorial. They are pretty good about explaining the steps and what to look out for when starting out.

For my first magic loop project, I am trying to recreate one of these cute dinosaur hats for newborns. My lovely sister is trying to expand her photography portfolio and asked for me to make her some photo props. I plan on using Berroco’s Modern Cotton (Pima cotton/ modal rayon blend) in color 1654 (medium blue) for the hat and then some scraps of green for the horns. Check back for progress!


New Stitch

My lovely aunt and one of the best knitters I know, sent me an early Christmas present. She is great at helping me build my knitting library. This year she so kindly gifted me Barbara Walker’s A Treasury of Knitting Patterns. Gosh I love this book! It has over 500 stitch patterns to choose from.  Here is my first selection:

Purl-Twist Fabric Pattern from Barbara Walker

Purl-Twist Fabric Pattern from Barbara Walker

SF Bazaar Finds

Today a fellow crafter invited me to the SF Bazaar a art and craft festival. The festival was great! It was nice to see what other crafters have created. Going to this fair really inspired me to make an early goal for 2014:  to have a booth of my own at a crafting fair.

Here are some lovely booth owners that have some great websites:

Nisey Knits – Chunky knits for sale, gorgeous colors, and patterns available!

Kira K Designs– A local designer, knitter, and teacher around SF.  This site also has patterns available. I loved this booth because there were gorgeous local wools for sale  as well as pattern kits (kit includes project pattern, yarn, and needed accessories).

Need a gift? Here are some goodies I had to give a double take:

K.M. Knits–  The lovely cowls. The yarn was like touching heaven.


Lady Alamo– Who loves totes? I do! I love this SF cityscape.


Cuppa Fog– Beautiful photo art mounted on wood. These would be great holiday, hostess, and/or wedding gifts.


Project Finished!

Well I finally reached the peak of the mountain. After about 2.5 months, I have completed the Dogwood Blanket from Tin Can Knits pattern found in 9 Months of Knitting. It was a hard project for me as you saw in my previous blog posting (see link below), but I did it! I think it came out looking pretty good. I will defiantly keep my new little cousin warm.

Things I would change if I ever made this again:

1) I would block each piece as I go. I only blocked the first square to make sure it came out as a square and that I didn’t bind off too tight.  The white square was knit with a little tighter of a gauge so I had to really stretch it when blocking for sewing.

2) Possibly crochet the edges to make it a uniform square. As you can see some of the outer edges are wavy looking.

3) Pick bolder colors. I really like the blanket being different colors and wish I had picked some crazier colors.