Christmas Crafting: Part 3

If you are anything like me you save all sorts of things in hope to use them in a future craft. Case in point why I have 2 vases filled with corks. It was time to use some of them up. One Pinterest search later and another Christmas themed cork craft was born.

Cork Wreath Ornaments

Materials: corks, floral wire, plastic beads, ribbon, hot glue gun, steamer, knife, scissors

 1) Place your corks in a steamer for approximately 7 minutes. This will make the corks less dense and easier to cut. 

2) Use the knife to cut the corks widthwise into thin discs. I cut 15 discs per wreath. 

3) Use your scissors to poke a hole through the middle of the cork disc. Push the floral wire through the hole. Begin a pattern of stringing cork discs and beads until there are 15 discs and 15 beads on the wire. 

4) Bend the wire until a circle is formed. Twist the wire to secure the discs and beads. Create a loop and twist the extra wire to secure.

5) Make a bow with your ribbon and hot glue it to the wreath.  

 Enjoy your new ornament! 🎄 

Christmas Crafts: Part 2

So this weekend I had all of these plans. I was going to make a bunch of Christmas crafts, finish some knitting projects, and whip up some cookies. Well the only thing I finished was making these cute little cork caroler ornaments. It’s a good thing I did as my little tree was looking a little sad. I only had two ornaments and a tree topper.

Well what do you need to replicate the cork carolers? A crochet hook, scrap yarn, a Sharpie, and some corks ( I used champange corks).

First, I crocheted some little hats. I basically trial and errored this. I made a chain of about 15 stitches and measured it around the larger part of the cork. Once it looked like it fit, I crocheted in the round for a few rows. Then I began decreasing to get a stocking cap look.

After the hats I began the scarves. I used the same format as the hats, but I didn’t decrease any of the stitches. The white scarf was created with 3 double chain stitches in back and forth rows till the piece was about 5 inches. After dressing my carolers, I drew on their faces.

Aren’t they cute? I need to add some floral wire or some cord to suspend them from the branches of my Christmas tree. I think floral wire will be best as I can anchor the ends into the cork. This was a great weekend craft as it was a great way to use materials that the average crafter probably has lying around. Enjoy!