Mastering Two Circular Needles

Interesting fact about me: Until 3 years ago I hated circular needles.  Why you may ask? Well, I was (and still am) an avid hat knitter and I hated switching from circular needles to double pointed needles (DPNs). So I either knitted using straight needles and seamed the hat together or I used DPNs. Then magic loop came into my life. Oh, magic loop how I love you. I only had to carry one set of needles AND I could sometimes knit two items at a time. Perfection! Since that time, I pretty much knit with circular needles no matter what I am working on.

The one thing that I had not tried was knitting with two circulars at the same time in the round.  Last week,  I decided to give it a try. This method is a little tricky at first…especially if you are used to magic loop. You have to remember to use the far side needle of the SAME circular for each side. Sound confusing? Check out this video.

So what did I make? Some fingerless gloves using a Staghorn Cable. I have made gloves like this before and I wanted to work up a trial pair for a pattern I am writing. Only thing…I can’t decide what I should do with the thumb hole.

What do you think? Add a ribbed portion (left glove) or leave the thumb hole as is (right glove)? 

Until Next Time,