Braided Headbands

Natural thick curly hair is generally not compatible with beanies. Especially, when I wear a puff. Thankfully the trend of knitted headbands saves the ears on a cold blustery day!

The Woven Cable Headband was such a gratifying knit. And those cables! I love love the braided look. It appears super complicated, but really it is not. Did I also mention this is an excellent project for the knitter on the go?

The benefit of knitted headbands is that they are an awesome way to use up the extra yarn you have lying around in your stash. I used Yak Wool in White to whip up my first headband. My yarn was on the chunkier side (aran weight) so I went up a needle size and decreased the number of repeats in the pattern.

I also had a wee bit of Malabrigo Worsted in Frank Orchre left from another project so I created another headband with a smaller circumference. I think the Malabrigo yarn showed off the beauty of the cables a wee bit better. I also quite enjoy the depth of the gold/ yellow color.

Either way I am happy with the finished results and plan on making more over the Christmas holiday.

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P.S. Check out my self-published pattern for the Crossing Diamonds Headband. This is a great selection for those who want a quick knit or are just embarking on the journey of cable knitting. Headbands make great holiday gifts for friends and family!

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Knitting with Cables

In all honesty, I really don’t like cable knitting. I find it to be way too laborious. I like my knitting to flow. I want to just keep going and going in a smooth forward movement.When cabling, I find all that fiddling with the cable needle really puts a kink in my groove. Not only do I need to keep track of the needle, but I have to make sure that I hold it just so in order to keep the stitches on the needle. One fix for this was I invested in a U-shaped needle. It made a noticeable difference in my control abilities.


Even though I have an aversion for cable knitting, I still like to dabble every now and then. It keeps my skills fresh as well as challenges my inner knitter. I continue to stay away from the complex stuff (see example A and B) as it looks way too daunting.

Ilia by Michele Wang


Carlu by Fiona Ellis


Here is my latest project that includes basic cables. It is a simple headband using my favorite colorway (Jade Heather) from Paton’s Classic Wool line. I have a few random balls left in my stash and I am trying to use them up.

The project is going okay. My reluctance toward this method hasn’t been cured, but I like how the diamond pattern is playing out. I also made a great decision to practice on such a small piece. I only have to use the cabling needle twice (at most) per right side row. This headband is a great option to just dipping my toes in the water. 😉

Is there any knitting method that you avoid? 

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