Christmas Crafting: Part 3

If you are anything like me you save all sorts of things in hope to use them in a future craft. Case in point why I have 2 vases filled with corks. It was time to use some of them up. One Pinterest search later and another Christmas themed cork craft was born.

Cork Wreath Ornaments

Materials: corks, floral wire, plastic beads, ribbon, hot glue gun, steamer, knife, scissors

 1) Place your corks in a steamer for approximately 7 minutes. This will make the corks less dense and easier to cut. 

2) Use the knife to cut the corks widthwise into thin discs. I cut 15 discs per wreath. 

3) Use your scissors to poke a hole through the middle of the cork disc. Push the floral wire through the hole. Begin a pattern of stringing cork discs and beads until there are 15 discs and 15 beads on the wire. 

4) Bend the wire until a circle is formed. Twist the wire to secure the discs and beads. Create a loop and twist the extra wire to secure.

5) Make a bow with your ribbon and hot glue it to the wreath.  

 Enjoy your new ornament! 🎄 

Easy Sliding Knot Bracelet

This morning I woke up and  felt compelled to make something. This is not a novel feeling as we all know I love a good DIY project :).  I recalled that I had pinned several ideas for simple slipknot bracelets on Pinterest. I love this trend of  colorful cord bracelets.  They look so fun to wear.

Sorting through my crafting bin, I was reminded that I had kept this broken cord necklace hoping I would re-purpose it one day. Well the day had come!  I removed all of the knots and beads and cut the cord in half.


Next, I strung my desired beads onto one of the string segments. Then I knotted both ends so the beads would stay in place.


From here I followed this simple tutorial as to how to make the sliding knot closure. I added some of the gold beads to the end to add a little extra sparkle.


Overall, this DIY took about 5 minutes. I am super happy with the way it turned out, and now I have a cute new accessory to wear in the last days of summer.


Oh Christmas Tree!

Yesterday morning I was stuck in a rut. I had no idea what to do with my students. I had no time to prep crafting materials for multiple children so I scoured Pinterest for a winter activity. I came across this cute idea of a pipe cleaner Christmas Tree. An activity that is easy to talk during and works on motor skills? Perfect! The tree featured on the Pink and Green Mama blog is a store bought kit so I got to thinking how I could make it from materials I already had. I rummaged through my craft box at work and lucky for me I had all the necessary materials.

Whit’s Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree

Ages: Preschoolers and Kindergarteners
Materials: Green pipe cleaners, wooden dowel, wooden block, hot glue gun, craft beads, scissors
1) Apply hot glue to one end of the dowel. Place it in the center of the block and let dry.
2) Wrap the pipe cleaners around the dowel so that the two ends stick out. Scissors may be used to cut pipe cleaners in half to vary the length of the “branches.”
3) Hot glue a “star” on top of the tree.
4) Give the child some beads and have he/ she string the beads on the pipe cleaners to “trim the tree.”


Result: The kids loved it! They were actually fighting for the next turn. This tree is easy to make and fun to play!
Warning: Monitor small children when using beads!