WIP Wednesday

Until I get my knitting mojo back I will be working on two more Scraps Blanket. Like all fiber lovers I have a yarn stash and then a stash full of scraps. Time to put those scraps to use! 

I am making a rectangular one:

 And a circular one :

What are you working on this Wednesday? 

WIP Wenesday: Pinwheel Blanket

My Pinwheel Baby Blanket is slow going. One reason is that I have not had much knitting time. Errands and activities have kept me pretty busy. The other reason is that I have had some serious hand pain while knitting. I decided to take a break from this project as I am using some tiny needles. Here is what she looks like so far:


I have a four-day weekend coming up so hopefully my blanket will grow another 2 inches or so. The baby isn’t due till October so I still have plenty of time :).

What are you working on this Wednesday? 

Work In Progress (WIP) Wednesday

I am glad my “stash monster” found a good home. Another positive is that I uncovered a lot of scrap yarn that I had forgotten about. I am embarking on a challenge to create a star-shaped afghan for our spare bedroom. So far the blanket it about 28 1/2 inches across. I am using a Size H hook as some of my scraps are sport  and DK weight.

IMG_5136[1]Keep checking back for progress!
 What are you working on today?

Weekending in San Francisco

This weekend was the annual Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in Golden Gate Park. I am not necessarily a bluegrass fan, but who can say no to sun, fun, and wine!


Check out Steve Martin’s band!


I also started some projects that I should be finishing up this week.


My final square in the Dogwood blanket from Tin Can knits.


I started on the DIY Byzantine Chain Bracelet featured on Craftgawker. I plan on adding buttons to it to change up the design.


I also am working on the knitted coasters from Craftgawker. My friend is getting married this weekend so all of the coasters together will spell out their name.

The hardest blanket ever!


I was walking down lovely Valencia St in San Francisco when I stumbled upon Serendipity. I saw skeins of beautiful yarn in the window …I went to just take a peek… I met Kathy, the purveyor of the yarns… she showed me the wonders that were for sale…and well you know the rest. I ended up walking out with a new pattern book: 9 months of Knitting by the gals  at Tin Can Knits http://www.tincanknits.com/collection-9months.html and 4 skeins of Cascade Superwash Wool. Looking through the book, I fell in love with the Dogwood pattern (seen below). I did my “new project happy dance” and skipped home to begin.

9M-dogwood-tmb                  9-Months-of-Knitting-frontcover-600

Cut to 3 weeks later:

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! This is how I feel when knitting this project. I consider myself a pretty advanced knitter, but is blanket is beyond me? The design of the blanket is to knit the pattern in the round and eventually you end up with 4 large squares that you sew together. As of today, I have  finished just 1 square!!! This makes me sad/frustrated/annoyed and oddly more determined to complete this project. I mean I have worked on this project pretty much everyday, for at least an hour, so I should have more progress right? Well not really as I had to start the whole piece over 3 times and then had to rip out sections at least 4 times. Ugh!


But I am determined to conquer this beast!  Hopefully the tricks I picked up completing the first square will help with squares 2-4. Pray for me folks, because I think this baby is going to be going to Kindergarten before this blanket is complete.

Purple Stripe Delight

Purple Strip Delight

Someone at work asked me to make a blanket for her out of shades of Lilac. Here is the almost finished project. The yarn selections include Caron’s Pound of Love in Lilac and Bernat’s Softee Baby in Soft Lilac. Overall, I think the blanket came together nicely. A few tension mistakes are making me a little nuts, but then again I always look at my knitting projects super critically.