B Is For Baby (Sweater)

Awhile ago I bought this cotton yarn from a small store in Guangzhou. I purchased royal blue with a special person in mind. Well I should say “almost person” as he hasn’t been born quite yet. One of my good friends is due to have a little boy in December. Her and her husband live in a mild climate so I opted not to use wool. I used the Baby Sophisticate cardigan pattern by Linden Down. I love shawl cardigans and the fact that this is baby size made it even more cuter.

This pattern is quite easy to follow and best of all instantly gratifying. Using size US 8 needles and worsted weight yarn made for a speedy knit. I finished the sweater in about 3 days. It looks so tiny, but the chest measurements came out to be 16 inches, which was the dimension in the pattern. I looked it up and newborn chest sizing is about 16-17 inches. I think some heavy blocking will give me an inch of wiggle room. 

I don’t  have any of my finishing  tools with me right now so you will have to imagine it with buttons. I have wooden ones picked out, but I might go to the shops to see if there is an alternate choice. 

I had about a half of a skein left of yarn so I started making a little beanie to match. This hat is pretty basic. It is 45 stitches with a garter edge. 

Hopefully, mommy and baby will like the set! 😊

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Finished Objects Friday!

Striped Newborn Hat and Socks

Yarn: Deborah Norville Simply Sock Yarn (wool blend) in Woodsy Green and Burgandy

Made on US size 1 needles 

Café au Lait Tam

Yarn: Peruvian Alpaca Yarn

Made on US size 5 16″ circular needle


Happy Friday!  

WIPs on WIPs on WIPs

There is a lot going on in my project bag. I don’t know what is up with this week. My hands have wanted to dabble in a variety of things. Generally I am a pretty monogamous project knitter. However, some of these projects have emerged from my efforts to de-stash.

WIP #1- Striped Baby Socks


Another pair of baby socks are on the needles. I swear my size 1 DPNs are going to be worn out by the end of the year. This time I am using the rest of my Debra Norville Serenity Sock yarn to whip up some striped footwear. Aren’t they cute? It is hard to believe people start so tiny.

WIP #2- Alpaca Heaven


I began my secret project with the alpaca yarn I picked up in Peru and OH MY GOODNESS! Knitting with this yarn is like knitting with clouds! It is sooooo soft. I wish I had bought more so I could have a whole alpaca wardrobe.

WIP #3- Vibrant Textures Cowl


Mix extra sock yarn and a desire to try new stitches and you get a pretty interesting result. I think I am going to try and get all the colors of the rainbow in this project (minus indigo). Only purple and orange to go!

Happy Thursday!

Finished Objects Monday?

Forget Friday these objects needed three more days to achieve perfection!

So what’s completed?  I finished my Pinwheel Blanket. It is not as big as I would have liked it to be, however, I needed to wrap it up. Why? 1) I was loosing steam. Fine yarn and tiny needles are No Bueno. 2) I am visiting the mommy-to-be this afternoon and I really wanted to give it to her in person.

I used a different edging than the pattern called for (4 rows purl, 4 rows knit, 4 rows purl) to create a flatter edge. Blocking also assisted in decreasing the curling up of the edges. Despite this, one section was a little stubborn.

I will most certainly use this yarn again. However, I am thinking a smaller project like socks.

I also had made this cute little diaper cover. Sorry there is no pattern since I made it by trial and error. I need to get better at writing stuff down!  This baby is predicted to be a big one so I am hoping she fits inside (at least for a month or two).  

I hope all of my American readers has a nice long Labor Day weekend! I know I did. Happy Monday!

WIP Wenesday: Pinwheel Blanket

My Pinwheel Baby Blanket is slow going. One reason is that I have not had much knitting time. Errands and activities have kept me pretty busy. The other reason is that I have had some serious hand pain while knitting. I decided to take a break from this project as I am using some tiny needles. Here is what she looks like so far:


I have a four-day weekend coming up so hopefully my blanket will grow another 2 inches or so. The baby isn’t due till October so I still have plenty of time :).

What are you working on this Wednesday? 

Baby Hats

This weekend was all about the baby hat. I am still looking for my next big project *sigh*. Baby hats are a great in between project as they are small and generally quick to make. I made two cute hats with the Horseshoe Pattern and then another beanie for a little boy. The beanie is a wool/acrylic mix that I found buried in my stash.






New stitch!

Barbara Walker continues to rock my world. Whenever I am between major projects, I know I can take her book out and find something great. Here is the latest I am trying. The yarn is some leftover Babe by Knitting Fever Color 204 ( nylon/acrylic mix)


This is the Horseshoe Pattern from A Treasury of Knitting Patterns. I think this pattern so dainty and cute. I also love the wavy edge.

I decided I would like to try to make a top down sweater. I have never made one so I will be searching for a good pattern. Any suggestions?