The Finish Line

This week is all about Finished Objects. My blocking pile has been getting taller by the day. I don’t know what it is, but I will rush to finish a project and then leave it for weeks to be blocked/washed.  😕

I used the last bits of my Miss Babs Rainbow yarn to make this cute little infant set:

I am not sure about the sizing of these socks. They look really wide for what I was guessing would fit 0-3 months. I guess bigger is better?  I love making baby stuff (it is quick and super cute), but I need to get better at sizing. I just eyeball it. Yet, I am rarely around infants so I don’t really know if my eyeballs are calibrated correctly hahah. I guess this needs to be one of my crafting goals for 2016. 

Baby Socks

Baby socks are a great project if you want 1) instant gratification 2) a way to use up some of those leftover yarn bits 3) just love cute little socks. Since I have made quite a few adult socks in the past year, I had about 10 little balls of yarn just lying around. Well I got a little bored last week so here is what happened:


So cute right?!? These are sized for 6-12 months.

Sorry to say  I don’t have the info about the yarn. It was a wool/acrylic blend that has been in my stash for years, which means the label has been long gone. The pattern is from an old book that I had around the house. If you would like a similar pattern check out this one by Kate Atherly. The pattern is beginner friendly, AND since they are mini size it is a lot harder to get SSS (second sock syndrome) as they are done before you know it.

Stay tuned for some more baby socks as these little cuties are flying off my needles.