Sintra Shawl

In 2016, my husband treated me to two skeins of Madeline Tosh DK in Spectrum for my birthday. This yarn was pricey and I felt it deserved a very special pattern. Well 4 years later, the Sintra Shawl came into my life. I am not the hugest fan of shawls but this one called to me. The present shape made it more of a scarf shape and I couldn’t resist the lace detailing.

This was my first time working with Madeline Tosh and it was delightful. The yarn has great stitch definition which was essential to this project. Aside from the price point (two skeins for $50 ๐Ÿ˜ซ), I was a little disappointed that my hands and sleeves kept getting dye on them from the yarn.

I really loved that this pattern had an option of following charts as well as written directions. For some reason, I kept messing up the transition from Chart A to Chart B. I ended up frogging back twice. Of course I blamed the pattern. It couldn’t be my fault! It most certainly was my fault. I did not properly read how many times I needed to repeat Chart A. This kept leading to stitch count issues. Once this was figured out it was smooth sailing.

Another finished object completed! With all these cool weather items completed I better start looking into moving out of a tropical climate (hahah).

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4 thoughts on “Sintra Shawl

  1. I ordered enough Madelinetosh yard to make a sweater it was the Sara sweater From one of my earlier posts. The color was so saturated I was worried about it coming off on my hands as well but it never did. I did mine in Robin redbreast which was very saturated red, But I had it specially died because it was a color they had discontinued. I will be aware of the dye issue When I wash the sweater. Yours is gorgeous and the pattern as well. Donโ€™t you love Madelinetosh yarn. The company was sold last year but I am assuming the same people still work there. They had some internal issues and in-fighting Which I assume they have worked out.

    • I would be interested if color bleed was an issue for you was well. I have never tried the yarn before now. I hope they have worked out their issues as I know many crafters love their yarn.

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