Solving the Underarm Gap While Sweater Knitting

Why have I not investigated this earlier? This is the age of technology for heaven sake! All knitting related knowledge is often just a Google or YouTube search away. I like to try to figure out things on my own, but let’s be real that takes up valuable knitting time. Especially if someone has figured it out already.

I had just finished my third Flax Sweater in the family of Flax Sweaters I had been making for Christmas. I got to the armholes and was again frustrated by the gaps that appeared at the underarm. Ugh! Normally I duplicate stitch the holes, but I figured there has to be another way out there.

So I finally took the time (this was after I had finished all of the sweaters) to look up some tips for ‘minding the gap.’ Better late than never right? I plan to try this on my next sweater.

What is your favorite technique for avoiding underarm gaps?

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12 thoughts on “Solving the Underarm Gap While Sweater Knitting

  1. This is awesome! I’m just fishing up a sweater and will have to stitch those gaps together, but on the next sweater, I’ll definitely use this method. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The video link that you shared is the one I used to finish my first top-down sweater and it’s also how I learned the magic loop technique! That video was a game changer for me. I’m still on the lookout for a video on avoiding underarm gaps for a bottom-up sweater (specifically for the Tin Can Knits Antler sweater pattern) and I’m so intimidated by having to learn the Kitchener stitch that I haven’t been brave enough to start the project.

    • You might want to try to look at the duplicate stitch for the bottom up sweater. I found that Very Pink Knits had a good video about it. The kitchen and stitch can be tricky but you can do it! I like Purl SoHo’s tutorial 😀

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