Whitecap Socks

These socks should have been completed ages ago, but many factors blocked them from coming to fruition. The first being I could not find a yarn that I liked. As you can see the Whitecap pattern has a raised texture pattern that goes around the leg and over the top of the foot. All the yarns I was choosing were too fuzzy or lacked stitch definition. I wanted the texture to pop and I wasn’t getting that. Despite how much I wanted the other yarns to work I ended up frogging them and putting the pattern away for another day. Finally, I found Cascade Heritage Sock yarn on China’s Amazon equivalent and knew I could rely on it to achieve the definition I desired.

This was the first Kniterations pattern I have ever knit. The pattern was well formatted and included written instructions as well as charts. However, once you went through about two rounds of the pattern it was super easy to memorize. The only modification I made was to the heel flap. I changed the stitch pattern as I like the appearance of this texture more. I believe I now own a hand-knit pair of socks in every color of the rainbow. Too bad I live in a hot climate and can only wear them 2 months out of the year. Socks with sandals anyone? 😁

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12 thoughts on “Whitecap Socks

  1. I absolutely LOVE that pattern. You were spot on making them in a solid (and gorgeous) color. The stitch definition really pops! And YES… go ahead and wear you socks with sandals! Show them off!!!

  2. Socks with sandals = what my dad wore. 🙂 He was Irish — I suppose if you didn’t wear your sandals with socks, you’d never get to wear them. In your case, if you don’t wear your socks with sandals, you’ll never get to wear them— kind of the opposite. 🙂 And these are lovely. I’m not usually into orange, but I think Gaye Glasspie’s blog may be converting me.

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