Peplum Top

The Peplum Top by Morgan Woltersdorf (@Morthunder on IG) was promised to be an “insanely simple knit” and it certainly was.

The pattern was straight forward and included diagrams. Best part? No need to go through the pattern and circle your sizing numbers. Morgan made a separate PDF for each size! I used a needle size down from the recommended US Size 9 needles as I wanted the stitches to be a little more compact. The US size 9s were making my top a little too see through for my liking.

I used DROPS Cotton Merino in Powder Pink. This was my first time using this yarn. It is really soft and lovely during and after knitting. I have worn my Peplum Top in two different hot climates (California and China) and the merino wool does not make it too hot to wear at all. The yarn also has notable stitch definition. I am curious about using it with texture knitting. I bet it would really show off cables well.

My only issue with this cute top is the volume of the skirt/peplum. There is a little too much material for my frame. I could have done with using the medium sizing to create the top and the small sizing to create the skirt/peplum. Nonetheless, I am extremely overjoyed with this top. It makes my collar bones and shoulders look awesome!

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