Chiaogoo Knitting Needles

So my Karbonz Interchangable Set is worn out. I am down to one interchangeable cord. The three other cords were chucked out due to the screw cap breaking off. Secondly, many of the screw inserts became worn out. This meaning that randomly the needle would disconnect from the cord creating and explosion of loose stitches that would be nearly impossible to place back on the cord. Frustration mounted and I decided to look at my options.

Most knitting needles in China are bamboo, which I hate. I like a slick needle with a pointy tip. The yarn glides better (for me) and I can keep a faster knitting speed. I tried searching on Taobao (China’s Amazon equivalent) and I kept finding a lot of straight needles. Not that I am opposed to straight needles, but they are a lot harder to travel with and keep organized.  After some more internet research, I discovered that Chiaogoo was a Chinese brand. I ended up finding an interchangeable set with US size 2-8 needles online for 600RMB (~$87).

It took awhile to receive my package, but when I did I was ever so pleased. Included in the set were needles US size 2-8, 3 cords, the tools to attach the needles to the cords, a cord extender, end caps,  stitch markers, and a digital row counter.

So do I like the needles? Yes I really do! I love how slick the knitting needles are as the whole needle is one material. My Karbonz needles are wood and metal. The cords are awesome as well. They don’t kink and are pretty flexible. I also like that the connection join is very smooth. I don’t foresee many projects getting snagged. The only downfall is that I received less needles as I purchased the small set. However, I mostly knit with sizes 2-8 so this isn’t a huge issue. Looking forward to using these needles until they wear out 😉.

What is your favorite brand of knitting needle? 

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24 thoughts on “Chiaogoo Knitting Needles

  1. My favorite needles are the Peace Fleece wood needles with the colorful painted balls on top. I prefer straight needles, but as I am usually knitting a hat or a sweater, I don’t often use them. I love wood needles, even circulars when I can find them.

  2. I love my HiyaHiya interchangeables. Over the course of a few years, I got the basic 4” set, the large 4” set (9-15 or 9-17?) and the Sock set. The case is beautiful, but I saved up and got the Twig and Horn wool case that fits all three sets. Love it. 🙂

  3. I hear you about the bamboo needles, I can’t stand them. The whole idea of yarn I would just goes against my sense of smooth. Kind a like scratching on the chalkboard. Though I am not a fan of circular needles, they bother my hands. I do use them for really big projects. I like all my needles to be the Teflon coated Susan Bates needles in both straight and circular. The Teflon is both smooth and grips well, most of the time (the double pointed size 1s for sock never hold anything on any kind). I hope this bunch works well for you.

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