Coastal Pullover

The Coastal Pullover by Hannah Fettig is by far one of the most challenging sweaters I have made to date. With a relatively simple and modern shape, I thought I could finish this sweater in enough time to wear it on my Japan trip. I allotted myself two weeks as the sweater is made on US size 8 needles with worsted weight yarn. A sweater in two weeks? No problem!


The cable pattern was a series of front and back cables that created a wave pattern over the entire sweater. I loved this sweater from the photos as the cables created an interesting texture that seemed timeless. I pictured myself being able to wear this sweater for years to come. It is one of those pieces that would look great for brunch as well as  something that would look nice at work.

I got into problems with the alignment of the cables along the armholes. This sweater is knit top down in a raglan style and for some reason I kept ending up with too much space between the raglan edge and the first cable. I ended up frogging the top half twice. This project was not a Netflix knit for me…well at least I couldn’t knit while watching any show of high interest. I really had to concentrate on the cables as I ended up with a few nonconformists.

I used some yarn that I bought here in Guangzhou. Using Google Translate, I believed the  label to say 80% wool. However, as I got to about mid way through the body I noticed that there had to be more acrylic content in the yarn. My sweater was getting a case of the fuzzies. I was too far into the sweater to turn around just because there was some slight piling. Plus, I wanted to show off this sweater in an epic photo in Japan. So I kept knitting on.

Well did I finish before the trip? NO! Did I finish this sweater on the trip? Yes! I got the last end weaved in two days before we returned  to China. I wore it one day (unblocked) as I just wanted some pics of me with the sweater on in the snow. Too bad these photos did not work out. The snow/sun combo was not picture perfect lighting.

With it all being said and done I really like the look and fit of this sweater. I made the small size and I would say it had 1/2-1″ of negative ease on me. I also like that this sweater as it is not too feminine. I love super feminine clothing, but I do like to change it up sometimes.

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12 thoughts on “Coastal Pullover

  1. It’s gorgeous and I hear you with the cables, I’ve torn mine out more times than I can count but luckily I don’t have a time line for mine. I’ll bet yours looks stunning on you! Great job!

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  3. Hi can I ask a question about your experience as I’m having trouble even starting it! I assume you knit it in the round however it gives the WS rows as purl which gave me a reverse stocking stitch on the few rows I’ve attempted. I’ve messaged the creator but am waiting for a response so when i saw your post i thought id ask somebody who had made it. Thanks.

    • Hello! The directions were a little confusing for me as well. I just referred to the pattern and you do not join in the round until Row 9. So rows 1-8 are worked flat or back and forth. Hope this helps🤞🏾

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