In-Betweener Hat

Mimic is officially off the needles and drying from a good soak. From what I can tell the yarn stretched really nicely so I will have a nice flowy sweater. I wasn’t quite sure what to start on next so I pulled out some of my leftover yarn from my Pivot Cowl to whip up an infant beanie.

This beanie is so soft. I love the vividness of the jungle green color. I knit a 1×1 rib for about 1.5 inches. I then alternated the “Frankie Says Relax” and “Jaded” yarns from Magpie Fibers to make a hat with a 6.5 inch total height. I did end up with a little color pooling, but I don’t think it looks too bad.


For me, infant hats are a great in-between project. They help use up my yarn left-overs while trying to figure out my next project. They also are a pretty quick and mindless FO to whip up.

What is your favorite in-between project? 

Until Next Time,


2 thoughts on “In-Betweener Hat

  1. Swatches are my favorite in between project while I plan for the next thing! But what a great idea to use up stash with little hats. I could do something like that and give them to charity.

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