Matching Socks

So you may remember that I made these socks for my husband awhile ago.


Vanilla Socks with Afterthought heel

I just really love this yarn. It is Cascade Heritage Prints in Baltimore. This yarn is just so perfect for sock making. It had the right amount of squish and bounce to create a nice fitting sock. I managed to find another 3/4 of a skein in my stash so I decided that I needed a pair too. Instead of creating an afterthought heel, I thought I would do a little experimenting. I wanted to try to figure out how to do a reverse gusset heel. I did a little internet research before hand to get the general concept, but to be honest I was really adamant to figure it out on my own. I apologize for not adding the websites I used. I had the saved…but then I forgot where I saved them.

Not bad for a first try right? I have to say that I miscalculated the number of short rows that I needed so I ended up with a weird looking seam. However when you wear the socks they are not that noticeable. I really like how this technique fits my heels. For some reason the afterthought heels are too shallow for my liking.

I most certainly will make another pair of socks in this way, but I think I need to find a few patterns/ guides to work out the details a little better.

What is your favorite toe up sock heel technique? 

Until Next Time,



3 thoughts on “Matching Socks

  1. Is a reversed gusset heel, a toe up gusset heel, as opposed to a regular gusset heel, which is toe down? i have shaped a frenzy for socks, now, only I loom knit them. And I prefer all times to knit toe up, because toe down makes a seem necessary and no need to say why this is unpleasant. Until now I can only make the usual heel, that is, not gusset heel but the other type (what is the name in English). It took me the making of three pairs before I got it right. So I’m still dwelling in the happiness of making these. But gusset heels look so much better, so much more square and noble, and my grandma did these, which is a challenge. Your socks don’t look the least amiss. They look really great actually.

    • Thank you. Sometimes I can be too critical of my knitting (hahah). Yes a reverse gusset is created from making the sock from the toe up. I too enjoy making socks from the toe up as it eliminates the need to use the dreaded Kitchener’s Stitch.

      • Well I’m glad I learn this, because now, I shall try to figure out how to make it on a loom. And as the internet is empty of such info, I might even be able to find and offer a solution to others.

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