Life From The 20th Floor

Well, we made it to China in one piece…and with all our luggage! I have to say I am so thankful that our company did such a great job helping us get adjusted. I do not read or speak Chinese at all. Therefore, simple things like turning on the AC have been extremely difficult.

 And take this bottle. What do you think this is?

If you guessed dish detergent you are correct! Why there is a baby on the dish detergent beats me.

It is really quite weird living on the 20th floor. I feel so high up and it is a little scary looking down from our balcony. However, the views are fantastic! I started a pair of toe- up socks last week to keep myself occupied. We have a lot of orientation sessions and bus rides to endure.  I am using my favorite yarn Cascade Heritage Prints in Baltimore. My stripes won’t line up as nicely has my husband’s pair did, but I am not as picky as he is. I am still deciding on the heel method I am going to make as I would like to spice things up and try a heel I haven’t made. Check back to see what I decided on.

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6 thoughts on “Life From The 20th Floor

  1. Do you get nice yarn in China? On ebay, I sometimes see really cheap offers for yarn from China, with allegedly excellent stuff such as merino wool and nylon, but I didn’t dare to buy any. I’ve started knitting my own socks with a loom, in frustration that anybody would offer me a pair against one of my wooden jewels :-)) the ones you’re knitting are very promising. Are you in a part of China where the weather would get cold in winter?

    • I have not looked for yarn in China as of yet. That is my next mission 😉. Unfortunately, I am in a very hot part of China so I won’t be making any heavy wool sweaters anytime soon. Socks and cotton tops seem like a good knitting option so far.

  2. Congrats on your move, good luck with the language barrier. I can barely survive on the 5th floor of our vacation condo, never would I be able to do the 20th floor!! Vertigo here I would GO!

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