Tales From The Road

So our move has begun. We will be road tripping across the USA to Martha’s Vineyard and then we will wiggle down the East Coast to Virginia. The whole trip should take us about 2.5 weeks. As of today we are in Nebraska. It has been so enjoyable watching the changing landscape while barreling east on I-80. 

In the car, we have been listening to an audio book called Desperation by Stephen King. I have to say it is a little creepy to listen to on this particular trip. In the story, a psychopathic cop targets people on road trips as they travel down Highway 50 in Nevada. Thankfully, we didn’t take that route 😬. 

I have also been knitting up a storm. I finished an Etsy order ( Toddler Hat made with Cascade Heritage Paints in Baltimore) and started some socks. I am knitting with Payton’s Kroy Sock yarn in Grey Brown Marl. Not my favorite yarn to knit with. I like a little more sheen and springiness to my sock yarn. I am curious to see if the softness level changes after a soak. I have two skeins to work with so I am making some pretty big socks. 

Well only 1,400 more miles to go! 

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7 thoughts on “Tales From The Road

  1. You will love Martha’s Vineyard, I can see the island from out town beach and we boat over in summer. Be sure to visit Cape Cod (where I live) before you actually take the ferry over. It is charming and loaded with history, the pilgrims is actually landed here. 6A is a gorgeous drive with historic homes, Cape Cod is 72 miles each side of beach land. The village of Chatham has the stunning lighthouse and adorable Main Street. The villages sandwich has a glassblowing museum and work house, the gristmill on a pond, and the lovely tea house with amazing cakes. And of course the lobster is fantastic here you must try the lobster.

    • I do love the Vineyard and look forward to going every year. This year we are going to try to visit more of Cape Cod as my husband has never really seen its beauties. Thanks for the great info about the area!

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