What’s On The Needles

I am currently designing a shawl pattern. I am using Knit Picks Comfy Sport and Shine Sport. These cotton blends are super soft to work with and the colors are fantastic.  While creating my pattern, I noticed the increases were making the shawl way bigger than I liked. After much internal struggle I ended up frogging back 20 inches. 

6:30 AM

8:00 AM 😫

I hated every inch of that. However, I had a certain shape in mind and I knew that if I fudged it I would be unhappy with the result. 

I am also working on this baby hat using some of my scrap yarn. I think the red orange color is from the Valley Yarns line. I hope the blue wool softens a little bit during blocking as it is a bit rough on the hands. 

What are you working on this Wednesday?

Until Next Time, 



4 thoughts on “What’s On The Needles

  1. Ugh frogging back 20 inches had to hurt but you know how you want it to look. I’m almost finished on a short sleeve summer top with some leftover yarn and a hat for someone else. Sometimes I feel like I can’t knit fast enough!

  2. Oh I hate that period of time when you suspect something is off but convince yourself that somehow it’s fine, then finally admit that you need to pull it apart. 😦 And you think that I would learn my lesson to just stop when I first suspect it but nope… I usually go back to pretending it’s fine. LOL The colors are so cheerful and bright! I love rainbow designs!! 😀

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