Ecuador Bound!

¡Hola from Ecuador! It is Spring Break and I am super excited to be in Ecuador for 9 days! I plan on eating, hiking, and enjoying the gorgeous scenery. 

As with any trip I made sure to have my knitting planned and packed. I brought along my skein of Felici in Slumber Party to start some shortie socks. I kept my notions to a minimum as I didn’t want issues with airport security (aka no scissors). After many hours on a plane and a 7 hour layover in Mexico City I got quite a bit of sock #1 completed. I used Judy’s Magic Cast on and a short row heel. I am not the hugest fan of short row heels (they come out a little shallow for me) but it did the job in this case. Check back for more adventures in Ecuador!

Hasta Luego,


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