Knitting Works In Motion

I take my knitting pretty much everywhere I go during the weekdays. Especially on my 2-hour commute to and from work. Whether it is the car, a bus, on the commuter train I am happily knitting away.


I also take my knitting to other social events: football parties, parks, camping, hanging by the pool…you name it, it comes. To be honest, my friends have gotten so used to me knitting that it is a little perplexing if I am hanging with them and not knitting.

I find that when I have my knitting with me I am more likely to work on projects and get things off the needles. Plus I think it is better to be knitting during my free time than getting sucked into something like being on my phone all the time. Knitting keeps me busy while still allowing me to have a connection with the world around me.

Where does your knitting go with you? 

Until Next Time,


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5 thoughts on “Knitting Works In Motion

  1. I try to take my knitting with me (provided I have a suitably portable project) whenever we go to family stuff. Helps keep me sane 😉
    I’ve taken it on long rides in the car before, too.

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