It has been a long two weeks. Between persevering through the allergy haze to dealing with work drama I am exhausted.  I am just done with adulting.


I know I know I should not be complaining. I have a lot going on in my life that is wonderful and positive. However, there are just some times where I don’t feel like being diplomatic/professional/ polished. Sometimes I want to scream, “ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW!?!?!?!?!” It is funny to me that as an educator, I can deal with a variety of kid behaviors that are not so fun. Kids can disobey me, yell, scream, or hit me but at the end of the day I don’t give up on them. Adults on the other hand… well let’s just say I don’t want to be as forgiving. Adults should “know better.”


Lately, I have been encountering people being really rude via email. I don’t know why these individuals feel that it is okay to use the internet to do this. I am a very transparent person so if I have an issue with you I am going to tell you in a tactful way and IN PERSON if I can. I will not name call or be passive aggressive. I will tell you my stance on what is going on. For some reason, other have a hard time grasping this. Don’t send me emails that end with an ellipsis (…).  Send me an email with sentences that explain what the issue is. Don’t send me emails that include argumentative language that is accusatory. Again use calm clear language to discuss the conflict at hand.

I guess it is that time of year for teachers where they get real grumpy and upset with all things. Spring Break is in two weeks and I know we could all use a break. However, that  is no excuse to make your co-workers feel terrible.



8 thoughts on “Adulting

  1. Hopefully the children that you are teaching will see you as a role model for appropriate means to communicate and conflict resolution so they will become respectful adults. Thank goodness there are teachers like you that give young people an example of what respect and maturity really means. Good job!! 🙂

  2. Yes, I echo the above. I’m sorry to read it’s been a rough time – internet rudeness can be so frustrating, and no one deserves it! I’m sure the students you teach are learning from your example of constructive communication (even if the adults don’t always tae the hint, unfortunately). More power to you in the coming time! Wishing you a smooth few weeks until Spring break.

  3. I congratulate you on your profession. It can be very rewarding, but challenging. And parents can be the most difficult. Good luck!

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