Knitting Stacks Hats

This weekend was a long weekend for me and I took some time to relax with my knitting. I made two new Stacks Hats  for my Etsy shop

I have to say I don’t usually knit patterns over and over. However, the Stacks Hat is the perfect project for a Netflix marathon. One can get in a good knitting rhythm, which leads to increased TV watching vs just listening to it. 😉

I almost got fully caught up on The People vs OJ Simpson, watched a couple of comedy specials and a few episodes of OA.  The OJ Simpson dramatization is really interesting.  I am too young to remember all of the hype around the trial so it is intriguing to watch it now as an adult. The OA is just bizarre. I have watched 5 episodes now and I am losing interest. It is too out of the box for me.

In terms of knitting, the hats came out great! The green hat is Paton’s Classic Wool in Jade Heather. I had some leftovers from my Armande sweater I finished a couple of weeks ago. The gray hat is some new hand dyed yarn that I just discovered. It is called Dark Star and made by the lovely Laura at Crooked Kitchen Yarn. This yarn is dyed beautifully and it is so amazing to work with. The yarn is so soft and I love that there is a hint of sheen that makes your finished project look a little glossy. When you get the chance head over to her shop to view her gorgeous color choices. 

All and all it was a productive weekend. Some more projects are in the works so please keep track of my knitting via Instagram @knitsbywhitsf

Until Next Time


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