Want It Wednesday

I am having some serious sweater fever in 2017. So far I have completed 4 sweaters since January. My Red Rosina (started in October 2016) and Armande were for me, but I have recently completed two baby sweaters in the last month.

Lucky for me I won’t fall into a project rut as so many designers are publishing sweater collections. Just this week Tin Can Knits (in conjunction with other designers), released a new collection of bottom-up sweaters for the whole family called Heart On My Sleeve.

In addition to all of the lovely sweaters, there are two things that really have me interested in this book. First off, all of the sweaters are the same gauge, which means you can mix and match the patterns. I love this as often when I knit a pattern I make modifications to better suit my taste or body dimensions. The second great aspect of this book is that all proceeds go toward fighting Malaria. Knitting for a great cause? Count me in!

According to Tin Can Knits’ website they are hosting a knit-a-long (KAL) from 2/14- 4/18. So if you want to join in on the fun and help support people in need make sure to purchase a copy of the e-book today. 🙂

Is there a pattern book that is calling your name lately? 

Until Next Time,





2 thoughts on “Want It Wednesday

  1. I hear you on the sweater thing! My sweater binge began in November 2016 and continues into 2017. Did you ever think when you began learning to knit that you would be on anything like a sweater binge? Time passes and you go through some phases.

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