DIY Yarn

Over the holidays, I had some extra time to get back to practicing with my drop spindle. I have to say it is a lot easier to keep the spindle going now. I managed to spin these little wooly delights in a little over two hours. 

I am still working on keeping the yarn strand uniform in size. As you can see there are sections that are thicker and sections that are thinner. Hopefully, with more practice, my handspun yarn will look more uniform.

I also had time to finally upcycle some old jeans. I had two pairs that had some serious crotch holes. Rather than patching them up, I decided to create some denim yarn. I used this tutorial from Wool and the Gang. Essentially you cut across the pant leg of the jeans until right before the inside seam. DON’T cut all the way across the pant leg. If you do, your result won’t turn out to be a continuous strand. From my two pairs of jeans, I ended up with 4 balls of denim yarn. 

I plan on crocheting a small area rug for my kitchen. Fingers crossed I have enough material.

Have you ever made your own yarn? If so…from what material?

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