Testers Needed

I have been knitting for about 17 years and it probably wasn’t until I started this blog that I become interested in designing knitwear. By no means do I think of myself as a full-fledged designer, however, I like to dabble. You can check out my Free Patterns page for some of the designs I have created.

Overall, I consider myself pretty new to the whole design world. Due to this, I have been doing quite a bit of research via design books and Ravelry. Two groups that I have found super helpful on Ravelry are the Budding Designers Group and The Testing Pool. The Designers group is a great way to announce new patterns, get questions answered, and gain feedback from other knitters/designers. The Testing Pool is a great forum to get others to test out your patterns prior to putting together your final copy for sale.

Today I posted a thread looking for volunteer knitters to test my newest pattern the Stacks HatThe hat is a unisex classic style beanie with the added element of a twisted rib stitch. This hat is a simple and modern design that beginners and advanced knitters will enjoy. If you are interested and willing please follow this link and sign up to be a test knitter. Alternatively, you can email me at knitbywhit@gmail.com and I can send you the test pattern.

stacks 2.jpg                          stacks-hat-1

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