Whit’s Picks: Gifts for Knitters

The winter holidays are upon us! In my house, there are cookies to make, a tree to decorate, and gifts to gather.

Knitters love knitting related gifts, but the options (aside from yarn) can be a little tricky to navigate for loved ones. Here is a quick list of items that are sure to leave any knitter happy.

Project Bags 

One of the beauties of knitting is its portability. Therefore, there is no limit on the number of project bags a knitter can have. Here are some that are pretty popular:

The Field Bag by Fringe Supply Co. is quite a treat. It is durable, pretty large, and has pockets to keep knitting notions organized. It now comes in 5 colors with each bag being $65.


BriBags are also a cute option. There are several size options to choose from. I really like these bags as many of them are made of fun/whimsical fabrics. Bags range from $10-25.

Yarn Pop is a small company out of Portland, OR, They specialize in durable canvas crafting bags. These bags look great as they come in bold patterns and a variety of styles. Bags range from $25-$90.


Does your knitter have “too many bags”? Well, tools are always a great option.

I was just introduced to The Sirka Counter by my aunt and was amazed. This tool allows the knitted to track multiple counts at the same time. Often knitters need to count a certain amount of repeats while also keeping track of other amounts. Yes, you can do this on paper, but this tool makes it so much easier.

A Yarn Swift is an essential. It speeds up the yarn winding process tremendously. Wood swifts are lovely, but metal ones get the job done as well.

Wooden Swift from Knit Picks -$49.00 82008

Umbrella Metal Swift – $16.99  images


 Knitting related mugs, apparel, and jewelry are all things your knitter can use to share his or her passion with the world. Here are some of my favorites.

Check out delightful apparel at GGmadeitfb-banner2

How about a beautiful etched mug?     il_570xn-387436028_2rx8

Shawl pins can be a gorgeous way to jazz up a handmade accessory. Check out several beautiful options at etsy.com


I hope this list helps to guide your holiday shopping. If you are a knitter…What are you looking to receive this holiday season? 

  Until Next Time,



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