The Beach

I looked out onto the world around me and took in the beauty. The beach is one of those places I can just let my senses take over and rest my mind.


Meditation along Highway 1

I am comforted by the rush of the water on the shoreline and the smell of salt in the air. 


Pheiffer Beach

I love how the wet sand bends beneath my feet as I leisurely stroll the length of the beach. Although I cannot stand the grit, I love to see the path I traveled.


Sandollar Beach

As my mind wanders, I take in the changing sounds around me. The noise of children yelling, the churning water, and dogs barking at the birds above me.


Pheiffer Beach

The beach is not merely a place of relaxation for me; it’s a place of freedom. This freedom allows my thoughts to slow and practicalities to take the passenger seat. In my world, there are so many controls that can take over my mind- work, family, politics. It is nice to have a place where my thoughts can be mine.


Beach near Point Sur Light Station


6 thoughts on “The Beach

  1. How I miss the beach! Moving to Colorado from San Diego brought me to the next best thing: Colorado’s mountains. I’ve been here almost 40 years, but there are still days when a damp wind against my face makes me think I’m again at the water front and it’s an off shore breeze… What a shock it is to see that I’m in the grocery store parking lot and there is no ocean!

    Luckily there are seagulls in Colorado. They hang out in (wait for it) grocery store parking lots so they are the little bit of home even when I’m so far away. 🙂

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