Adventures in North Bay

On Saturday morning we packed up the car and headed northward to Marin County for an evening of camping. My husband wanted to take me and some friends to Dillon’s Beach, where he spent many weekends while he was a Boy Scout. Let me say it didn’t disappoint. Never have I been to a country area that abuts a beach. The vibrant green grass and rolling sand dunes in combination with the low lying mist hovering over Bodega Bay was spectacular.

On Sunday, we packed up camp and drove back into civilization. We made a pit-stop in Petaluma, California. What a cute town! There are a lot of historical Victorian buildings still in Petaluma as it survived the 1906 earthquake that devastated San Francisco. The town has done a spectacular job of up-keeping/restoring the buildings. One fun fact that I learned was that the town has been the backdrop for over 15 movies (example: American Graffiti). 

Lucky me I also discovered a lovely yarn shop in the downtown area. Knitterly is a spacious and welcoming shop. The yarn selection was mostly in the mid-price range ($13 and up) with a few brands of lower cost yarn (Plymouth and Berroco). What I enjoyed most about the shop was that they carried a couple of brands that I have wanted to pet in person (Brooklyn Tweed, Quince and Co, Hedgehog Fibers). I ended up purchasing a skein of Brooklyn Tweed Arbor and a skein of Woolfolk (worsted weight).

I selected Arbor from Brooklyn Tweed as it seemed the softest against the skin. Plus I loved the vibrant red color. The Woolfolk yarn was a total impulse buy. I petted the skein and was divine. It was soft, squishy, and in a lovely jewel tone color. *swoon*

Fun with friends, exploring new places, and yarn. What a weekend. 🙂

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