Recently, I had a lot of personal deadlines come up. This had left me feeling like I got home from work to “work” again. Don’t get me wrong my “work” was enjoyable, but I was feeling a little too busy for my liking.

First off I was prepping for a craft fair I was part of last Sunday. I spent the week before getting all of the hats and scarves washed and ready for sale. I made some pretty good sales, but I still had A LOT of hats left. Hopefully, I can find another craft fair to partake in. I just hate having FOs just sitting around in storage.

My book club just finished the  The Hypnotist Love Story by Liane Moriarty.  I had about 3 months to read this book (we took a break over the summer holidays) and of course I waited to the last minute to read it. Instead of slowly savoring the story, I was barreling through about 75 pages a night. Good thing it was pleasurable reading or I would have been in some trouble. Overall, the book was cute. A little predictable in parts, but still a satisfying read.


I also had two knitting projects that needed to be completed ASAP. I made little animal hats for a couple of twins that will arrive later this fall. Infant hats are super easy to make, but the sewing was what had me dragging my feet. Ugh I hate sewing on all the little parts. On the bright side, I got a splendid result. I used the patterns on the blog Little Red Window as guides (Koala and Panda). I changed the number stitches casted on, used US Size 6 needles, and modified the way the eyes/noses/ears were created. The yarn was Berroco Comfort in Chalk, Liquorice, and Ash Grey.  The associate at my LYS recommended the yarn, and I am delighted with the result. It is so so soft. Perfect for babies!

Do personal deadlines ever have you feeling a little harried? 

Until Next Time






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