How Do You Pick a Pattern?

There are so many choices of patterns to make that one could spend a week (or more) sifting through all of them. Websites like Ravelry, Craftsy, and Pinterest have greatly opened the accessibility to patterns of all types. On one hand it is amazing to have so many choices at my fingertips, however, it can feel a little overwhelming. There are just so many factors that go into choosing a project.

  1. Design Elements: Depending on what is on the blogs and Instagram, I often get fixed on a design elements I want to perfect or try. Recently, it was making socks with an afterthought heel.
  2. Time and Needle Size: For me these two factors go together. Smaller needles most often means more time needed knitting. Sometimes you might want a slow burning project while other time a quick fix will do the trick.
  3. The Season/Weather: I no longer make bulky weight projects for myself as I live in a temperate climate. I also like to wear my projects soon after making them. Therefore, I tend to stick to seasonally appropriate fibers and projects.
  4. Recommendations: Whether it is friends or other bloggers I will always consider a recommended project. Hence the completion of my Jaywalker Socks and Nutkins.

Stash Yarn: Although I don’t keep a large yarn stash there are some impulse buys in my bin. When the time comes to create them into something great, I like to use Ravelry’s search features to help guide my selection.

How do you choose a pattern?

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6 thoughts on “How Do You Pick a Pattern?

  1. I try to choose from my ravelry queue when possible, and sometimes I scour my favorites when I want to knit something specific, yet not specific, that isn’t in my queue- a lacy cowl, a bulky hat, etc. I try to stay away from Pinterest, except for sewing or cosplay ideas.

  2. It is hard to find the right pattern. Especially when there are thousands to choose from on Ravelry. Sometimes I will start in the middle or the end, thinking there may be a gem at the end. I rely a lot on my knitting group and on samples in the knit shops I frequent.

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