WIP Wednesday

Works are in progress in the House of Whit 🙂

What is on the needles you ask? Well I am starting a new hat. I decided to make a cable band and then I will pick up stitches to make the body and crown of the hat. I am loving this icy blue. It reminds me of Elsa in the movie Frozen. img_04351

Last night, I finished knitting this Cat Hat. (This post is more of an outline rather than a pattern.) I am really into the design concept as you don’t have to make the ears separately and sew them on. Basically you knit a hat and don’t decrease for the crown. Get ready to use the Kitchener’s Stitch and add a seam and Tah- Dah… a cute cat hat! I still need to get the last seam completed to better define the ears to call this a true FO. img_04341

The hat mania continues and I am loving it. For me hats are a great way to try some new techniques while getting a finished result pretty quickly.

Anyone have a go- to hat pattern they love? 

Until Next Time



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