New Goodies!

I love a sale, especially a yarn sale. WEBS had an end of summer sale not too long ago and let’s just say I went a little wild. Like I bought 28 skeins of yarn…😳.

Yikes I know, but I have projects in mind for each one! I swear! This beautiful burgundy wooliness is going to be worked into the Rosina Sweater. I love the beautiful lace work on the sleeves, but I am on the fence about the lace work at the bottom. I think I may just do a simple ribbing.

This pretty blue will be crafted into Blueberry Waffle Socks. I have never used this yarn before yet, at less than $4.00 a skein I thought, “Eh why not give it a try?” Hopefully, the socks will be a cozy addition to my  growing handmade collection.

The last project on the to make list is a toss up. I am undecided if I want to make the Chuck Sweater or My Favorite Cardigan. I know I would wear the cardigan quite a bit, but Chuck would look so cute over a button up shirt or dress. In any event I bought 12 skeins of this emerald wool so I am in the clear in terms of yardage.

Looks like this knitter is going to be busy!

What project(s) have you getting excited?

Until Next Time



6 thoughts on “New Goodies!

  1. I’ve been asked to make a couple more mermaid tail blankets by friends and I’m enjoying them so far. I’m also designing frog coasters for Christmas for my grandparents! I like the look of your projects, especially the jumper. 😊

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