It is a holiday weekend in the USA, which means most are going to be on the road. As a knitter, I never leave home without a project in tow. Sitting in the car or on a plane for multiple hours can provide ample knitting time. So what to bring? What to knit? Generally I stick by 3 rules:

1) Portability: I make sure I bring a project that is light and can pack up small. My go tos are socks, shawls, hats, or baby items. All of these items pack small and are pretty compact if I finish while in transit.2) Bring all the essentials: I like to bring my Karbonz Interchangable Needle Set, stitch markers, cabling needles, tapestry needles, measuring tape, and a crochet hook. All of these items fit into the pouch in my Karbonz set so they don’t take up too much space. 

3) Pattern Access: I make sure my pattern is accessible. A paper copy is ideal as you never know when technology will fail. However, if I am counting on a tablet or smartphone I make sure to take a screen shot in the event there is no data/wifi access. 

Wishing all my fellow travelers a safe journey this weekend!

What are your tricks and tips for a happy knit/travel experience ?



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