On the Edge

Last week I started a new bandana scarf published on Purl Soho called the Dovetail Scarf. I am using this pretty rainbow yarn from Ella Rae Seasons (acrylic/wool/nylon blend). The pattern calls for US Size 6 needles and 1 skein of sport weight yarn. However, my yarn is thicker so I bumped up to US Size 10 needles and will use two skeins. I wanted the scarf to be big enough that you could also use it as a small shawl.

I love Purl Soho designs. They are so classic looking. This pattern spoke to me as I loved the beautiful simplicity of it. I also am really enjoying the basic detailing of the yarn overs coupled with the clean edging.

The edging is formed by holding the yarn in front and then slipping the last stitch purlwise. It is making my scarf look so polished.  I love this technique so much that I have started another scarf and am using the same idea.

This is just a basic garter stitch scarf using Loops and Thread’s Cozy Wool. I gained inspiration from this color blocked scarf. I am using  US Size 13 needles across 20 stitches.

Again look at those edges. Beautiful 😍. I haven’t seamed anything using the above technique, but I bet it would be a dream.

I most certainly plan in keeping this trick in mind for future projects.

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