FO Friday: Summer Crop Top

I had Zach’s Bay Crop Top on my needles before I embarked on my trip east.img_8482This was a lovely lace project to work on. It was just challenging enough to keep me busy, while still being a pretty quick project.

The yarn was my first purchase from Love Knitting. I was really impressed with the packaging. It came in a pretty bag with some hard candies and a free pattern 😊. Ordering from them took a little longer than WEBS, however, it wasn’t to the point where I was loosing my patience.

The yarn (GGH Linova) was okay. It was a cotton/linen blend, which is perfect for summer items. It was smooth and relatively soft to knit with in addition to not easily loosing the twist in the yarn.

Well want to see the finished result?

Here I am modeling it at the Ljubljana Castle. The top was super comfortable and with some high-waisted pants I was covered and stylish for summer. Success!

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